Due to the difficulties of shipping a traditional box foundation, few require their use for warranty purposes. If you purchased a mattress within the last few years that contains inner-springs (heat-tempered coils that can maintain their shape for up to two million compressions), they generally contain all of the components within the single unit to provide the necessary support traditionally offered by a box spring. No. If you’re unsure as to the type of mattress and support that is best suited for your individual needs, you may benefit from taking our, In addition to box springs and foundations, there are several other options for supporting a mattress during the night. In the past, a set of thick gauge springs were used inside the box spring for added support. Despite so many new materials and brands to choose from, including new ways to buy mattresses completely online, one thing appears certain: traditional box spring bases are largely a thing of the past. Read our tips to learn more about extending the life (and support) of your mattress. A box spring can fit atop a small, foldable metal frame that allows for a headboard and optional footboard to be attached to it, or a more solid bed frame should you choose to use one. Metal frame with 5- or 6- legs on Queen or King size. Support that prevents sagging and evenly distributes body weight, Not as good for latex or memory foam mattresses. You need to determine whether to purchase a foundation or box spring to support your new mattress. Use a breathable mattress cover, change the sheets often, avoid laying on your mattress fresh out of the shower or pool, and keep all damp clothes and towels away from the mattress at all times. As a result, most mattresses today use foundations that are simply sturdy, inflexible boxes made of wood or metal. When it comes to box springs and foundations, whatever one option cannot provide, the other is sure to. The ideal foundation for your mattress will largely depend upon your unique sleep preferences and desired mattress type, so if you’re unsure of the type of mattress you are looking for, it may help to review our mattress guides to help narrow down your options. If you have an older mattress, it may require the use of a box spring, while the majority of modern bed-in-a-box models will work fine with a bunkie board. Many manufacturers also recommend using bunkie boards underneath foam or latex mattresses that rest on slats to maximize comfort and service life. This is because of the nature of the solid material and construction. Traditionally, most innerspring mattresses need a box spring. Queen or larger must have 5 or more legs including a center support. At this same time, clean the area to remove dust and dirt. No. ✅Sturdy; do not break down over time easily, ✅Great for all mattress types, especially memory foam and latex. Just be sure to carefully place the bunkie board on the frame or you could tear the fabric. This may be ideal for a person who has a king size mattress and doesn’t want to take up much more space. Like we mentioned before, innerspring mattresses typically require a box spring. Box springs are ideal for those who want a sleeping surface with some give. For those who intend to purchase the spring free memory foam mattress, then there is no need to buy any box spring to support it. © Copyright 2013-2020 HighYa LLC. Generally, build with strong wood and covered with a cloth cover. You can actually get these delivered by Amazon for pretty low prices, as well as any other mattress retailer, including third-party online retailers—some for just a few hundred dollars. A box spring coupled with a mattress looks better than a mattress that’s stuck on the floor. This will give your mattress the proper support, preserving its lifespan, while benefitting aesthetically from the lower height profile. Frames that have the support that runs down the center of the mattress, connects at both the head and foot of the frame, and properly supports the mattress for a flat, firm surface. If your mattress absolutely must sit on the floor, follow these steps for your best shot at preventing mold and mildew: Check the mattress size and find a suitable place to lay it. However, if you have your box spring brand new, and you have it for only three years or less, then you can still keep it as it is. In the vast majority of instances, platform beds will provide all the required support your new mattress needs. They rarely include any actual springs, although they’re sometimes grouped together with ‘box springs.’. What is a box spring? While shopping for a bed-in-a-box and having it delivered to your door has plenty of perks, you may have wondered why box springs are absent from modern online options. Wooden slat foundations do not require a box spring as the wooden slats are placed close enough to each other to provide ample support to the surface area of your mattress. Foundation with a center support that has at least 5 to 6 support legs (Q, K, CA King) or 4 support legs (twin, twin XL, and full). These kinds of mattresses are already very firm underneath. Modern box springs are referred to as foundations and no longer feature interior springs. No. Bunkie board vs. box spring (standard and low-profile): Bunkie boards and box springs look and function much differently from one another, although the underlying goal of both is to provide adequate mattress support. Also, know that the repetitive motion caused by adjustable foundations can weaken the structure of the flexible foam and latex mattresses and may void your warranty. It also depends on the medical needs of the sleeper, as certain mattress support needs will be more ideal for one person than another. Your previous box spring and mattress may have been elevated using a generic metal frame with a few thin beams, which obviously won’t work with just a mattress. However, modern innerspring models can potentially be used with other foundations—check the mattress warranty on the company’s website for further specifications. If you’re concerned about protecting your mattress’s warranty to ensure that whatever you put it on complies with the fine print, here’s a quick reference guide for what popular online mattress retailers suggest: If you already own a box spring, chances are you’ve considered just placing your new mattress on top and calling it a day. Platform beds also offer other potential advantages like storage space underneath, along with a sleek modern look. Your email address will not be published. The solid types of foundations are very similar to platform beds. They also help extend the life of a mattress through the prevention of sagging caused by the weight of the sleeper ,as they absorb the shock from the body and distribute body weight evenly. Casper foundation and metal bed frame; bunkie board between old box spring; firm platform or slatted base with thick, unyielding slats. High-density, pressure-relieving adaptive foam. In the past, a set of thick gauge springs were used inside the box spring for added support. A box spring helps absorb the body weight and offer you and your mattress better support.